September 2023       New preprint with Andrew Lee, Jose Perea, Niko Schonsheck, and Maddie Weinstein from the MRC: O(k)-Equivariant Dimensionality Reduction on Stiefel Manifolds.
July 2023       I am starting a new tenure-track job at University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill! I'm excited to help build the School of Data Science and Society.
June 2023       I am grateful to have been awarded the Liggett Instructor Award by UCLA Math.
February 2023       I am organizing a Networks in Science of Science workshop for NetSci 2023 with Rishi Sonthalia and Eamon Duede. Submit your abstracts! I hope to see you in Vienna in July.
January 2023       My co-authors Niko Schonsheck, Maddie Weinstein, and Susan Glenn presented on our joint works!
I'll be at JMM in Boston. I'm organizing AMS Special Session on Data Science at the Crossroads of Analysis, Geometry, and Topology (a Mathematics Research Communities session) with Hitesh Gakhar and Josué Tonelli-Cueto, and giving a talk at NAM-SIAM Joint Special Session on Quantitative Justice on an ongoing project with Juan Restrepo and Heather Zinn Brooks.
December 2022       Remade my website with Quarto.
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